Good for all 2017 & 2018 Tracks and Dates!

A lot of tracks have 2018 dates listed and you can see them when you click on the book button and select your track. You currently will not see any 2018 dates listed on our schedule page only on our booking page for that track. If you do not see any 2018 dates listed for a track then they are in the process of being added. You can still take advantage of this deal for any 2018 track by calling 855-227-8789 booking the deal and we can put you in a holding date let you know when the dates are available for you to choose from. We should have all 2018 dates listed by the end of next week.

One of the biggest things our customers say is, “I wish had done more laps!”.

Well were giving you more laps for FREE!

ALL Driving Package prices have been rolled back to 50% off the lap package price of the smaller package before it.

So what are the prices and free laps? For example if chose to drive Qualifier 8 Lap package at New Hampshire Motor speedway the regular price would be $399. You could now Choose the Shootout 12 Lap driving package and pay 50% off the 8 Lap Qualifier Package. So instead of 8 Laps for $399 your paying $199 for 12 Laps. This works for All driving packages up to our 50 Lap Race Day package.

This is a very limited time deal! All prices rollback prices are listed below.

So there is no confusion the prices reflect 50% off the lap package smaller than the one you choose and you get the amount of laps you choose because the Free laps are included.

This is your chance for some HUGE SAVINGS on driving packages at over 60 tracks nationwide!

You can see a map of all the locations we currently go to here.

All driving experiences – Safety gear is included, no pace car to follow, you drive the car by yourself, all of your laps are hot laps, no time limit and passing is allowed!

Can’t Beat These Deal Prices!

Ex. Charlotte Motor Speedway – 36 Laps RWRE Price $749 vs. our competitors 40 minutes drive time (stop every 8 Laps) $1599 – $2049. Why pay for time when you can pay for your actual laps!

Deal Ends in:








Bull Ring Tracks

10 Laps Reg. $219 Now $74

20 Laps Reg. $399 Now $108

28 Laps Reg. $499 Now $199

40 Laps Reg. $649 Now $249

50 Laps Reg. $749 Now $324

Short Tracks

10 Laps Reg. $389 Now $99

15 Laps Reg. $499 Now $194

20 Laps Reg. $599 Now $249

30 Laps Reg. $899 Now $299

40 Laps Reg. $1199 Now $449

50 Laps Reg. $1499 Now $599

Speedway Tracks

8 Laps Reg. $399 Now $149

12 Laps Reg. $599 Now $199

16 Laps Reg. $799 Now $299

24 Laps Reg. $1199 Now $399

36 Laps Reg. $1699 Now $599

50 Laps Reg. $2299 Now $849

Super Speedway Tracks

6 Laps Reg. $499 Now $149

10 Laps Reg. $799 Now $249

14 Laps Reg. $1099 Now $399

20 Laps Reg. $1499 Now $549

36 Laps Reg. $2499 Now $749

50 Laps Reg. $3299 Now $1249

Canada Tracks

10 Laps Reg. $449 Now $124

15 Laps Reg. $599 Now $224

20 Laps Reg. $799 Now $299

30 Laps Reg. $1199 Now $399

40 Laps Reg. $1799 Now $599

50 Laps Reg. $2199 Now $899

Using the book buttons will automatically add the promo code to your booking.

To book by phone call 855-227-8789 and use promo code: 50FREEUP

*Promotion is valid for new bookings only. Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Promotional prices are valid for all lap packages with the exception of Taste of Speed. Deal ends July 28th. Deal prices reflect 50% off the smaller lap package that you choose. FREE Upgrade Laps are included in the package you choose based on 50% off the retail price of the smaller lap package than the one chosen.