Citrus County Speedweeks Ultimate Real Racing Experience!

FEB. 13TH - 16TH

Includes Tickets To The Duel at Daytona Plus Breakfast With Rusty Wallace!



Here is your chance to drive over 125 Laps at Citrus County Speedway including 4 REAL RACES! This 4 day experience will be the memory of a lifetime! Day 1 sit on the front stretch for the Duel at Daytona! Day 2 start it off with breakfast with NASCAR Hall of Famer Rusty Wallace. Then practice, practice practice! We’ll teach you lapping, corner speed drills, accelerations drills and acceleration drills all leading up to heat races and a two feature races! Day 3 you will race in front of a crowd as part of the Speedweeks races at Citrus County Speedway. RWRE cars will practice, have heat races and two 20 lap feature races. Day 4 (optional) you get discounted tickets to go watch the Daytona 500! Each driver participating has the option to purchase discounted ticket that will be seated in the upper deck on the front stretch for this years Daytona 500!

There are limited spots for this and all spots are booked on a first come first serve basis. 

Day 1 Thursday, February 13th

Be the guest of the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience at the Duel at Daytona!  Your seating includes deluxe reserved front stretch seating and a food voucher for $25.00 at the track.  You’ll get insight into what it takes to get a car to the starting grid at Daytona and a glimpse behind the scenes with our crew at the track!


Day 2 Friday, February 14th

9:00 amBreakfast with Rusty Enjoy a nice breakfast and a chance to talk with NASCAR Hall of Famer Rusty Wallace.  You’ll enjoy Rusty’s amazing stories as he recalls races of the past and his insights into everything going on in the sport today.  Rusty’s MRN broadcasts keep him track side for most of the races each year and his amazing recall of past races combined with his take on the racing of today will keep you entertained this morning.

4:00 pm – Arrive at Citrus County Speedway for a for orientation to learn the thrills of short track racing. Drivers should be prepared for over 100 laps today, including 2 15 lap races!

5:00 pm – On track for 2- 12 lap sessions, followed by individual review with an instructor

6:30 pm – On track for advanced lapping as you gain a knowledge of the race line, including corner and speed drills. 2-12 lap sessions

7:30 pm – Break for dinner provided by RWRE, includes review of earlier sessions and overview of evening drills and expectations.

8:15pm – Side by Side lapping as we build towards racing!! 12 laps

9:00 pm – Happy Hour!  Or at least our version of it, make a quick 8 lap session around the track.  We’ll make final adjustments to your car and send you out for 8 more laps.

9:30 pm – Feature #1 We’ll line the group up and run a 15 lap feature.

10:00 pm – Feature #2 and a trophy ceremony for the days winners.


Day 3 Saturday, February 15th

1:00 pm – Pits Open.

3:00 pm – Practice Starts- RWRE cars get regular rounds of Practice in Citrus Rotation.

6:30 pm – Heat Races Begin RWRE Heats 6 laps.

7:30 pm – Feature Races Begin RWRE Features are 20 laps.

9:00 pm – (Approximate based on nights features) Second RWRE 20 Lap Feature Race.

Day 4 Daytona 500!!

Tickets to the Daytona 500 are available at a discount for each participant and their guests who would like to attend the big race!  These seats are in the upper deck front stretch! 

Details & Qualifications

Refreshments (Sports drinks and water provided by RWRE at track)

At track dinner on 2/15  included.

Price – $2995

Add Go Pro Video of Experience for $250.

Discounted upper deck front stretch tickets to the Daytona 500 $225 ea.

To reserve your spot by phone please call 401-543-3278

Damage Clause

Each driver can purchase a liability damage clause for $150.00. This damage clause covers the racecar for damages over and above $1500.00 per incident. Therefore if a driver were to damage the racecar in an accident estimated at $5000.00 the maximum out of pocket for the driver is $1500.00 for that incident. If the driver damages a car badly and wishes to continue racing that day the driver may opt to pay the entire damages and continue competing. For example early on in the day a driver damages a car for estimated damages of $3000.00, said driver will have the option to pay $3000.00 for all damages and continue with insurance in place and $1500 deductible for further damages or driver may opt to sit out remainder of day. In the event of crash damage, missed laps and feature races will be forfeited.

For more information or to participate please email:

Bill Coady: or Call 401-543-3278

You may also book your spot directly online using the button below.

Citrus County Speedweeks Ultimate Real Racing Experience 2020

Event is limited to 12 Participants. All bookings done on a first come first serve basis.

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