New for 2016 – 2017!

Rusty Wallace Racing Experience Blue Deuce Insiders Club!

What is the Blue Deuce Insiders Club?

The insiders club is new feature we are offering that will give you inside deals on all upcoming driving experiences. We are limiting it to the first 100 people who purchase it. You will receive a RWRE Hat autographed by Rusty Wallace and a membership certificate. You will also receive exclusive email offers for discounts and promotions that will not be offered to the general public. You will also have VIP Status at the track. This means after you go through driver orientation and get suited up, you will be one of the first people on track.

What does it cost?

The cost is a 1 time fee of $199 + $1000 which includes 100 laps at any track 2 miles in length or smaller RWRE goes to in 2016 or 2017. The 100 laps can be used exclusively by you or up to 5 of your friends. You can split them up however you like. Drive 10 Laps at Iowa Speedway then drive 30 Laps at Chicagoland Speedway and still have 60 more laps to use!

We have events at over 50 tracks across the country and Canada that you can choose from. The insiders club is a great cost effective way for you to drive different tracks for one price.

You can purchase the insiders club below or by phone at 855-227-8789. More info is listed in the terms and conditions below or you may give us a call and one of our reps can answer any questions you may have.

*Autographed Hat & Certificate will be mailed out in November.

Reminder this is limited to the first 100 customers!  

Blue Deuce Insiders Club Terms & Conditions

100 Lap use policy. You may use your 100 laps at any tracks size 2 miles and length and smaller. You many use them for any regular driving experience dates in 2016 & 2017. You many not use them for certain special events that we may run in 2016 & 2017.

The 100 laps can be split up an used at multiple tracks and dates as well as given to friends to participate. For example if you would like drive 10 Laps at track and bring a friend to drive 10 Laps, that would count as 20 laps used of your 100 lap total. You may split your laps with up to 5 people. A minimum of 10 Laps must be used per an event and a maximum of 50 laps can be used at an event per person. Example: you and a friend drive 50 laps each or you and 4 friends drive 20 laps each.

All optional add-ons if purchase at an event do not carry over to any future events and would need to be purchased again if wanted.

*Important – You will need to book your driving experience by phone in advance of the date of the track you would like to go to. If you are sharing laps with friends, you will let our customer service rep know when booking. There will be only one owner per account. All orders will be listed under the account owners name and information. Additional drivers, if chosen, will be listed as participants and linked to the owners account.

Call 855-227-8789 during our normal business hours to book your driving experience. You may also call us for to inquire about how many laps are left to use in your account.