Rusty Wallace Racing Experience Cars

Types of cars we use on specific track sizes

Short Track, Bull Ring & Canadian Tracks

We use tour type Late Models at tracks 5/8ths of a mile and shorter.  The cars have an integrated tube chassis built from the ground up for safety and speed.  The Late Models are designed from day one to race on smaller short ovals, the strong chassis is combined with a fiberglass body making the cars lighter and quicker than the bigger NASCAR style Cup cars used at bigger ovals.  The design of the cars combined with their light weight and incredible power to weight ratio make them a thrilling choice on the short ovals.  The chassis is combined with a GM crate motor making approximately 400 hp, it is a combination that will take your breath away as the car rockets off the corner.

Speedways & Super Speedway Tracks

We use NASCAR Nationwide and Cup Style racecars at ovals ¾ of a  mile and greater.  These steel bodied racecars are stable at speeds of up to 150mph and more.  The beautifully crafted steel bodies are hung on jig built chassis that RWRE has acquired from some of the finest teams in racing.  You will find cars from Hendrick Motorsports, Dale Earnhardt Inc., Joe Gibbs Racing, Roush and others in the RWRE fleet.  If you are looking for an incredible thrill running in one of these racecars with a crate motor making close to 500hp under the hood will leave you asking when you can come enjoy the incredible thrill of racing again.