We are still OPEN and operating all racing experiences. If you are sitting at home trying to find something to look forward to, book a racing experience!! We look forward to a busy and speed filled Summer!
Your safety has always been our top concern, and we have a close eye on government protocols in every venue. For those events where we are well within guidelines we continue to operate with additional protocols in place. Those protocols include staying well under state and local guidelines for number of participants at a venue, disposing of headsocks after every participant, wiping down steering wheels and items in the car with a disinfectant after every participant. Wiping down our NecksGen head and neck supports and helmets with a disinfectant after every participant. We will of course continue to monitor the situation including government protocols and adjust our schedule as necessary.
We certainly appreciate that some of our participants or family members are not comfortable participating in this unsettling time. Rest assured that your experience can be credited to any future experience at any of over 80 racetracks nationwide for later in the year when all engines are GO!

Here are a few bullet points on our safety guidelines:
  • Helmets: We’ve purchased 4 new Saniboxx helmet systems. These helmet systems sanitize 12 helmets at a time over an 8 minute process. All helmets will go thru this process whenever they go from any driver or if someone even tries the helmet on and it doesn’t fit. Basically any time the helmet comes in contact with a customer we will re-sanitize the helmet prior to issuing it to another customer. Every time! Customers that have their own approved helmets and neck restraint systems are more than welcome to use them for our events. (See picture below)
  • Headsocks: Our headsocks have always been laundered with a clean and dirty pile and that will continue.
  • Firesuits: The suits are laundered before every event. However, we are now creating a clean and sanitized suit rack and a used suit bin. Anytime a suit is worn it will go into our used pile and will not be put back into rotation until it has again been laundered. Participants are welcome to utilize their own fire retardant suits as well.
  • For anyone that is interested in purchasing their own new ,unused suit or helmet we do have available at dealer prices. We are a dealer for both G-Force and Racequip. Please send inquiries to support@racewithrusty.com
  • Car Interiors: We will keep the cars wiped down and sanitized with our Zep product which is a disinfectant similar to lysol and more readily available to us. We’ll have that handy on pit road for your use as well.
  • Bucklers and Pit Road Staff: We will of course have gloves on and our staff will be masked at any time they are assisting you into or out of a racecar. We will ask that you go helmet on and shield down prior to putting you into the racecar and buckling you up. We’ll show you how to go shield up while you are waiting in the car for your time to drive.
  • Customer gloves and masks: We simply can’t find the resources to provide masks and gloves for all of our customers onsite. However, we strongly recommend that you bring your own to the racetrack.
  • Driver Orientation: Generally there is plenty large enough for us to socially distance during orientation. In the event we do not have a large enough room we will conduct it outside to comply with social distancing guidelines.
  • NecksGen: We continue to use the NecksGen head and neck support, combined with our containment seats and five point safety harnesses. We are extremely happy with the ease of use of the Necksgen product and the protection that they provide to you in the racecar.

The racing experience was founded in 1999, we’ve grown to over 100 racecars running at over 80 tracks in North America. We’ve overcome different challenges in those 20 years, and we’ll overcome this one as well. In fact, we’re taking this time to work on improving the cars and our systems. We will be delivering the experience of a lifetime when the country has gone back to green flag racing and we look forward to seeing you at the track!

Our call center is open remotely to answer your calls at 401-543-3278 daily from 9a-3p. If you are having trouble reaching an agent or would prefer email please use support@racewithrusty.com we do our very best to respond quickly but please allow up to 24 hours for an email response.

Thanks for all your support. Stay strong, stay safe and stay fast!

See You At The Track,

The Pit Crew @ RWRE