NASCAR Cup Series Tracks: Cup Racecars

Entry Level Car: Gen 4 Racecar

  • RWRE is the only Racing experience that gives you access to
    Generation-4 to 6 Nascar style race cars (Cup Cars)!
  • Built by real Nascar teams, these cars range from 500-700 horsepower!
  • Reach speeds up to 150mph or more!

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COT Racecar

  • 35-45 more HP
  • Better handling package due to the improved front end geometry.
  • Bigger greenhouse, and more comfortable seating position

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Gen 6 Style Racecar 

  • Better Aerodynamics
  • 50-70 More HP
  • Significantly better handling
  • Updated Styling

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Extreme Car Gen 6 Camaro or Mustang

  • Hendrick Motorsports and Stewart Haas Motorsports Chassis
  • Much improved Aerodynamics
  • 100 More Horsepower
  • Updated Seating Position for Safety and Comfort
  • Simply, this is the BEST Car offered in any NASCAR style driving experience

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NASCAR Style Late Model Stock Cars

(Short Tracks less than a half mile)
We use the very same style cars that all of your favorite drivers drove at the short tracks as they progressed thru the NASCAR ranks. These cars are lighter, easier to drive and quicker to react on a short track than their heavier big brother Cup type car.


Late Model Stock Car

  • 3000lbs
  • Fiberglass Body
  • Low Slung Seating Position
  • Drive what you see race on Saturday Night

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Extreme Late Model Car

  • Offset Chassis
  • Rack and Pinion Steering
  • 50-75 More HP
  • 2900 lbs

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Modified Car

  • The King of Short Track Racing
  • 13 inch tires
  • Open Wheel Racing
  • 2600 lbs

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