You’ve done our racing experience, now here is your chance to step up your game and REALLY RACE!


You will drive over 100 laps over 2 days and race two 20 Lap Shootout Real Races!


The Twin 20 Lap Shootouts will take place during the NASCAR WHELEN ALL-AMERICAN SERIES RACES


There are limited spots for this and all spots are booked on a first come first serve basis. 

2 Day Event - Real Racing at Irwindale Speedway Sept. 8th & 9th

Day 1 Sept. 8th

3:00 pm Check-in and Orientation with RWRE

4:00 pm Begin Practice Session

5:30 pm Review with Spotter / Instructor

6:45 pm Second Practice Session

7:15 pm Third Practice Session with Advance Corner Speed Drill

7:45 pm Final Instructor Brief

8:30 pm Final Practice Session with Starts / Re-Starts Drills

Day 2 Sept. 9th

11:00 am Check in

12:30 – 2:30 pm Final Practice Sessions (alternating with all divisions)

2:30 – 3:30 pm Driver’s Meetings

3:30 – 4:30 pm QUALIFYING

5:45 – 6:30 PM Autograph Session

6:45 pm Opening Ceremonies

6:55 pm National Anthem










(All times approximate and can be adjusted for weather or track conditions)

Details & Qualifications

The Rusty Wallace Racing Experience is open to any driver 18 years of age or older. RWRE projects
100 laps over the course of the 2 days including the Twin 20 Lap RWRE ShootOuts. Lap counts can be
adjusted based upon weather and other issues, RWRE guarantees 100 laps inclusive of the race and
will refund as necessary if drivers do not get all practice laps based upon weather or other issues
out of RWRE control. RWRE will be the sole judge of a drivers competence to compete, if a driver is
unable to get to speed or unsafe at speed RWRE has the right to inform the driver they will no
longer be competing and RWRE will refund the driver for any laps less than 100 completed. This race
is designed for the “hobby” racer and affords an excellent opportunity for a novice or hobby racer
to race with national exposure. RWRE will expect and enforce a “gentlemens” racer conduct during
practice and race conditions.


RWRE provides all safety equipment including firesuit and helmet, plus HANS device.
The 2-day event with 100 guaranteed laps including the Twin 20 Lap ShootOuts is $2495.00

Video Pricing

Drivers may purchase in-car Go Pro video of their day and an overhead video shot of each feature
race with in race play by play call for $149.00


Winners trophy provided by Irwindale Speedway and RWRE is included.

Damage Clause

Each driver can purchase a liability damage clause for $150.00 daily. This damage clause cov- ers
the racecar for damages over and above $1500.00 per incident. Therefore if a driver were to damage
the racecar in an accident estimated at $5000.00 the maximum out of pocket for the driver is
$1500.00 for that incident. If the driver damages a car badly and wishes to continue racing that
day the driver may opt to pay the entire damages and continue competing. For example early on in
the day a driver damages a car for estimated damages of $3000.00, said driver will have the option
to pay $3000.00 for all damages and continue with insurance in place and $1500 deductible for
further damages or driver may opt to sit out the remainder of the day.
In the event of crash damage, missed laps and feature races will be forfeited.

For more information or to participate please email:

Bill Coady: bcoady@racewithrusty.com or Call 855-22-RUSTY

You may also book your spot directly online using the book button above