Rusty Wallace Ride Along Experience Packages & Pricing


Ride Along Experience

This is your chance to lose that yellow rookie stripe. Climb in, buckle up and ride shotgun in a NASCAR stock car driven by a professional instructor for a 3-lap qualifying run. This is the ride of a lifetime, you are riding shotgun in a real NASCAR Sprint Cup car. There’s a TRD Race Motor under the hood that has previously competed in a NASCAR race.

Track Type Laps Price
Bull Ring/Short Track 3 $119
 Bull Ring/Short Track 5 $139
Speedway / Super Speedway 3 $149
Speedway / Super Speedway 5 $179



Side by Side Ride Along

Just when you think it can’t get any more realistic, it does!! Experience all the thrills of the Shotgun Ride Along package but now with another race car. These cars will simulate the thrill of racing to the checkered flag door handle to door handle as they dice back and forth passing within inches of each other.

Track Type Laps Price
Speedways 5 $199
 Super Speedways  5 $199

Side by Side Ride Alongs are not available at Bull Rings or Short Tracks.