The Car:  A Generation 6 car with the latest technology under the sleek body.  This includes the most up to date front end geometry and the most beautiful body ever raced.  ( With the possible exception of Rusty’s Midnight, that was one beautiful racecar!)

The Motor: This will have a race inspired engine with a legitimate 700HP under the hood!  When you hear it fire, you’ll know what we are talking about!

Transmission: The Richmond T-10, same transmission that’s in most of the field on Sunday.

RPM: This car will chip between 7-8k depending upon the racetrack.

Seat: Full Containment ISP Speedway Seat.

Lap Times: We would project the lap times of this car to be 7-10% faster than our ride cars with the right driver behind the wheel! This car has 200 HP more than any other car in our fleet.   Let’s do the math together, many of our better students will turn a 42 second lap at a 1.5 mile Super Speedway.  That’s 188 feet per second, if this car is 8% faster it will turn 38.64 second laps with the same driver.  That’s 204 feet per second, the Champion car will pull away by over 16 feet per second over our COT cars.  Now let’s do the math out per lap, that’s 2 full football fields faster!

The Experience: You’ll start with a warm up in one of our COT cars for 6 laps, your spotter/instructor will know that you are a Champion participant and will work closely with you to get you ready to run in the significantly faster car. After you run your 6 laps and our instructor feels you can handle our COT car safely at high speeds you will be a Champion participant with 10 Laps in our specially prepared Generation 6 Champion Experience Car!

**You will need to “earn” the opportunity to drive the Gen 6 car, if our instructor is not comfortable with your driving experience in the COT car you will not be allowed to drive the Gen 6 car.  In this event your options would be a refund of $750.00 or an additional 15 laps in the COT style car.

Video Package: with lap times and speeds is available for $95.00 with this package.

Vehicle Protection Policy: With great speed comes more responsibility, the VPP for this package is $150.00 and is required with a $2700.00 deductible.

Pricing:  $995.00  This package is excluded from every sale that we run.  One fair price, for one amazing experience!   We have heard your requests to race a real NASCAR style racecar.  You have asked for the opportunity to drive a car close to Cup speeds, this is by far the closest experience to Cup racing offered today by any racing experience! There’s no excuse now, you can drive an amazing race prepped Gen 6 car!